I created this place to provide people a clear understanding on the notions of radical feminism, gender, and biological sex. I believe humanity can better understand each other through sharing our ideas, perceptions, and language. I wanted a place to respectfully do so, from my own gender critical and radical feminist perspectives.

The Define page attempts to define many words and acronyms one may come across in radical feminist and gender critical discourse. The Question page attempts to answer any questions one may have about radical feminist or gender critical ideology. The Connect page offers ways to further engage with material, through books, videos, articles, and websites.

What is radical feminism?

Radical feminism is a specific subset of feminism which values dismantling the traditional patriarchal power structure and gender roles that keep women oppressed. "Radical" refers to the Latin radix meaning "root." Radical feminist theory analyzes the power structures that oppress the female sex. The radical feminist movement works towards achieving safety and wellbeing for all women. Radical feminists believe in the liberation of all women.

Not by the forces of civil war can you govern the very weakest woman. You can kill that woman, but she escapes you then; you cannot govern her.
—Emmeline Pankhurst, Freedom or Death

Learn more about radical feminism at radfem.kindrad.org.

What is gender critical?

Biological sex is a physical reality. Gender is a social construct. The two are not the same. Being gender critical means believing that one's biological sex is a neutral fact that doesn't dictate what style, interests, or behaviors one "should" have. Any human being is free to dress and appear however they choose and that does not change their sex: a man who wears a dress, applies makeup, and calls himself a woman is still a man; and a woman who removes her breast tissue, cuts her hair short, and calls herself a man is still a woman. There is nothing wrong with the sex one is born as; we are all human.


kindrad.org is a play on the word "kindred" and also kind+rad, as in "kind radical feminist."

kin·dred : similar in kind; related ; of a similar nature or character ; having the same belief, attitude, or feeling

I feel a sense of kinship with the women I have met during my time in radical feminist spaces. Among these women, I have found respect, compassion, and bravery. The women I interacted with helped me find my own strength, confidence, and inner-peace. Thank you, to all women who have created spaces for their fellow women.


I have crafted this space in an effort to be kind. There is a significant difference between being nice and being kind:

Everything I have written in this space is in an earnest attempt to be genuine and sincere. I understand that not everything I have written may be agreeable or pleasant to acknowledge. I am here to state my values, and I am here to do my best to be kind to humanity.