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Classic sticker options

Choose from one of two styles of sticker, bold or calm.

Bold sticker design, calm sticker design

Sticker phrases

Here are the phrases available:

Custom sticker phrases

If you'd like a custom phrase on a sticker, let me know in your correspondence.
I am not obligated to fulfill any custom phrase requests.

Special sticker designs

These stickers are as-is, no changes in phrasing.

Asherah sticker

This sticker design was inspired by Tumblr user pillarsalt's checkerboard worm lizard drawing.

Asherah sticker design

Sticker mail status

If I mail you stickers, then I will send you a response confirming that I have sent them.

For my own safety, stickers mailed out do not have a return address. There is also no tracking information. This means if you did not receive your stickers after some time, then they may have gotten lost in the mail.

If you haven't received your stickers one week after I reply with a confirmation that I've sent them, please let me know and I'll try to resend your stickers.